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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Take it slow....

I'm sure you all are beat from the long hours of dancing after reading the last post...
This line up is for those who feel like taking it slow.
If you're on the down low, relax and recover with these songs.

Pete Doherty.
The epitome of a rockstar:
Dated Kate Moss(Hot Model) + Co-led "The Libertines"(Successful british band) + started "Babyshambles"(side project) + publicized for heroine addiction =
Let's leave the past and all other factors out and simply enjoy his music.
Here's a live version of "Music when the lights go out". Also check out "The Libertines" version.

Pete Doherty - Music When The Lights Go Out

I heard this song blew up after it was used in Twilight. I wouldn't know because I've never watched the movie.

Iron and Wine - Flightless Bird American Mouth

Cat Power, She's got a distinct voice an an interesting way of performing. I hope the weird face expressions and happy hands aren't too much for you. Here's my favorite song by her. It's an older one.

Cat Power - The Greatest

The Shepherd's DogThe GreatestThe Libertines


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