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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Couples Indie Playlist

So the holidays are coming soon and so is the cold weather!
All you men out there, hold your women closely if you don't want to spend the cold winter season alone. Here are a list of songs for you love birds. Maybe you can even learn a few and perform for your spouse? Then surely you will see a lot of happy endings to your winter nights :) For those ridin solo, hit me up on them cold winter nights and maybe we can share a bowl of popcorn, study biology, or explore some nearby wooded areas.

Bright Eyes - First Day of my Life
Old song.... but I just discovered it a few months ago.

Katie Melua's - Just Like Heaven
If you haven't heard the original by The Cure, you should also check it out. Often times we are reluctant to give praise for artists who attempt to cover such brilliant songs but I think she did an amazing job with her sweet voice and I have no remorse in giving up a few minutes of my life to listen to this. She's captivated me and I'm on an adventure to discover more about her music. Men.... don't show the video to your lady if you've got a jealous girlfriend!

Band Of Horses - No Ones Gonna Love You More Than I Do
This song is kinda old, but i've been listening to it for a few years and like to listen every once in a while.
Check out the sweat on his beard, he definitely really loves someone.

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