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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little bit of MGMT and The Cults!

I'm not even sure if you can still consider these guys Indie after the exposure they got from their last album and it doesn't help that they are signed to Columbia Records, but I like em and they're not Justin Bieber, so I consider them Indie and wanted to share their music. Also, they are a hipster's delight and entertain many individuals who live an unconventional "indie" lifestyle.
I can't say that I'm completely sold on their new album just yet, but I do know that I love "Congratulations".

MGMT - Congratulations

Summer is not over yet! Here's a fun little summer track that's good for those warm and sunny beach days! This is not their official music video. An individual who goes by the name of Halveraptor on Youtube made it. I think he did an excellent job.

The Cults - Outside

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